Traineeship in Responsible Tourism

For Dutch or German speaking students

Traineeship for young professionals in Responsible Tourism

Early 2021 the 4th edition of the Better Places & Fairaway tourism traineeship program will start. With an intensive and interesting training’s month, trainees are prepared for an international internship at one of our local partner organisations or at our office in Leiden or Berlin. As a trainee you will gain insights and practice in responsible travel, social entrepreneurship and you will be trained in the operational duties of a tour operator.  

Are you looking for a challenging start of your career in responsible tourism?
Then we might have a great opportunity for you!

The Traineeship

This traineeship gives you the chance to take your first steps into the field of (responsible) tourism. The traineeship offers opportunities for graduates to work as a trainee at Better Places in Leiden, Fairaway in Berlin or at one of our local partner organisations in Africa, Asia or Latin America. You could be working as a trainee with our partner in Suriname, Peru, Colombia, Nepal, Uganda, Madagascar or Ethiopia. We are still looking for more destinations that can offer placement for a trainee. 

It is with great disappointment that we will not be continuing the Better Places Traineeship this September. The Corona virus has caused for very difficult time in the travel industry worldwide.


However, we plan to move the Traineeship to the beginning of next year! So sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you informed of any developments. Applications are still very welcome!



Better Places (based in Leiden) is an online platform that brings Dutch travelers in touch with local tour operators. Fairaway is the German sister company of Better Places located in Berlin with a department in Leiden.

As a trainee you will start your traineeship by following several trainings. These sessions mainly take place at the office of Better Places in Leiden. You will be challenged with different tasks in order to prepare for your work with a local tour operator.

After the extensive training, the trainees will start to work in the office of one of the local tour operators in Africa, Asia or Latin America or at the head offices of Better Places in Leiden and Fairaway in Berlin or Leiden. The trainee will be working for about 6-10 months at the organisation. To maximize the learning effect, trainees will be regularly in touch with other trainees and their traineeship coach while being abroad. 

Do you have more questions about the traineeship? Give a call to our office in Leiden and ask for Aster, Eileen, Sem or Nynke. We all did the traineeship and are working for Better Places now!


The work at the local tour operator will slightly differ for each organisation, but will largely consist of the following tasks: 

  • Making offers and itineraries for customers (customised trips) 
  • Contact customers, mostly by mail but also via skype/phone 
  • Systematic processing information on the destination in a software program (like Travelspirit) 
  • Assist in measuring and growing the positive impact of travel 
  • Project lead or assist the process of Travelife certification 
  • Set up or improve the use of a professional itinerary builder tool 

In addition, each organisation can require additional tasks/work. For example, you may be asked to welcome Dutch customers at the destination/accommodation or perform jobs related to reservations. 


The training sessions are given by professionals with a background in tourism, marketing and/or communication. The courses and assignments cover amongst others the following topics:


  • Making travel proposals and itineraries 
  • Communication with customers 
  • Online marketing: Blogging &Video 
  • Sustainability & Certifications 
  • WordPress, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 
  • Travel spirit – software package 
  • Personal development 

Do you have questions regarding the traineeship, the application procedure or the activities and training sessions? Send an email to!


  • You are in your final year of a tourism education or you graduated in the past 4 years 
  • You have affinity with sustainability and already have some knowledge/experience in the field of responsible travel 
  • You are prepared to share your experiences with others 
  • You are an intelligent and independent worker, who is proactive and takes initiative 
  • You have a good level of English and an excellent level of Dutch or German both written and spoken
    For some destinations Spanish or French is required 

Selection process

 The traineeship will start early 2021. The selection process for the traineeship has already begun. The process consists of various steps.

  • Candidates applies for the traineeship with a motivation letter and résumé; 
  • Candidates will be selected for an interview at our office in Leiden; 
  • Positively chosen candidates will be linked to a (local) tour operator. Candidates will have a Skype/call with the local tour operator, to see whether there is a match; 
  • If both the candidate and the local tour operator are positive about the placement, the traineeship agreement can be finalized.  

We advise you to mention your preferred destination(s) where you would like to work as a trainee in your application. Most trainees will be placed for 10 months, but if you have another preference, please specify this in terms of months. We try to place everyone at their first choice of destination, but we cannot guarantee this.

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Costs and salary

The traineeship offers you the opportunity to learn and gain experience in the field of tourism and will prepare you for your first job. It is an investment in yourself and your future which you will benefit from during and after the process. This investment is made by us and the local tour operators. An investment of your side is required too, e.g. by executing your assignments and tasks, but also in the form of a financial contribution for your training session in the Netherlands to cover training costs. 

  • For the training sessions in the Netherlands trainees pay a onetime fee of 345 euros. This is to cover part of the costs of the tourism professionals that will train you and help you to prepare before taking off. Included are 12 days of training sessions. 
  • During the months that you are employed at the local tour operator you will receive a salary of around 500 euros (this is variable per destination and depends on the standard of living in the destination). 
  • Costs for flight, accommodation, visas etc. are your own responsibility (however in some cases the local tour operator pays part of the costs). 

Read here the blogs from some of our previous trainees!

Aster, trainee in Colombia

Aster, trainee in Colombia

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Bo, trainee in Morocco

Nynke, trainee in Leiden

Nynke, trainee in Leiden

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It is with great disappointment that we will not be continuing the Better Places Traineeship this September. The Corona virus has caused for very difficult time in the travel industry worldwide.
However, we plan to move the Traineeship to the beginning of next year! So sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you informed of any developments. Applications are still very welcome!
Met grote teleurstelling laten we vanwege het Coronavirus de Better Places Traineeship in september 2020 niet doorgaan. Het zijn momenteel wereldwijd moeilijke tijden voor de reisbranche en de crisis komt bij onze lokale partners erg hard aan.
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